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Meet Our Team

We’re a group of students passionate about social impact, with a knack for problem-solving and dedication to our club.  



Our executive board helps things work behind the scenes, ensuring the success of the organization as a whole. 

Major: Computer Science and Business Administration '25

Major: Business Administration '25

Minor: Computer Programming

Major: Business Administration '25


Major: Business Administration '25

Nikki Wu
Vice President

Matt Day
Director of Engagements

Nikhil Lingineni
Director of Events

Major: Business Administration '24

Major: Global Health '25


Major: Business Administration '25

Rohit Rao
Director of Human Resources

Penda Ba
Director of Marketing

Mansher Malik
Director of Social Impact



Hank Wasiak is an Adjunct Professor of marketing at USC’s Marshal School of Business teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He is a communications industry leader who has worked with the corporate elite of global businesses. Hank is a partner at the award winning Concept Farm agency in NYC, best selling author, teacher, keynote speaker, and Emmy award winning television host. Hank retired as Vice Chairman of McCann Erickson World Group and served on that company's board playing an integral role in the management of McCann's global clients including Nestle, Johnson and Johnson, Sony, Bacardi, L'Oreal and Boeing.

Dr. El Haddad specializes in business, corporate and global strategy and has taught these topics in Marshall’s MBA and undergraduate programs. She has received the Douglas Basil Award for Junior Faculty and is a three-time winner of Marshall’s Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching. Her research interests lie in social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. As a management consultant, she has advised various businesses and leading nonprofits including Habitat for Humanity.

Hank Wasiak

Christine El Haddad, PhD.


Our PMs, armed with a few semesters of their own project experience, provide the guidance and logistical support to help our project teams thrive.

Major: Business Administration '26

Minor: Entertainment Industry

Major: Business Administration '25

Minor: Applied Analytics

Major: Business Administration '26

Minor: Mathematical Finance, Artificial Intelligence Applications

Major: Business Administration '25

Major: Global Health '25

Kartik Aron

Jacob Graber

Abdullah Rafique

Dasha Zakharova


Our consultants are at the heart of our practice. They provide the know-how and ideation that drives our impact. 

Katherine Bower ('24)

Lauren Oh ('24)

Ashley Shaw ('24)

Srinidhi Yerraguntala ('24)

Jacob Graber ('25)

Lucas Schroth ('25)

James Lee ('26)

Minda Li ('26)

Dasha Zakharova ('26)

Sima El Barbir ('27)

Michael Otera ('27)

Ariana Deng ('24)

Daisy Qiu ('24)

Cade Sugiyama ('24)

Aaliyah Yu ('24)

Arian Mirzamaani ('25)

Diego Stoffels-Lopez ('25)

Devon Njonjo ('26)

Haha Shi ('26)

John Zbuk ('26)

Cole Gawin ('27)

Alisia Teneqexhi ('27)

Angela Liu ('24)

Liam Rinehart ('24)

Sandhya Sundaram ('24)

Kartik Aron ('25)

Mansher Malik ('25)

Manoj Cowgill ('26)

Ryan Silva ('26)

Joseph Solomon ('26)

Shloka Ashok ('27)

Mallika Jade ('27)

Yolanda Zhang ('27)


Hayden Miller ('24)

Shruti Shakthivel ('24)

Annie Xie ('24)

Jayah Caley ('25)

Nikhil Murthy ('25)

Abdullah Rafique ('25)

Ria Jalan ('26)

Hari Sreeramagiri ('26)

Tej Desai ('27)

Marina Parker ('27)

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