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Who We Are



We Create Impact

180DC at the University of Southern California provides high-quality, high-impact consulting services to non-profit organizations and socially conscious businesses in the Los Angeles community and beyond. Our team of social impact leaders with a passion for helping others and solving modern business challenges strives to produce innovative and lasting results for our clients.

Our Core Values

    All of our work at 180 is geared towards enacting change - both in the community now as members and in the future post grad. By providing opportunities such as VACs days, impact fairs, and personal work with nonprofits, we expand our impact and connect members to avenues of service in the future. With each project, the client’s mission and goals centers our efforts to result in sustainable, long term change.
    Diversity is at the core of our efforts to gather members from different backgrounds and perspectives to best serve the variety of client sectors we work with. This diversity is seen with the previous experiences of current and future members and their interests as well as the clients with work with in terms of size, sector, and mission. We work to bridge disparities in the areas we operate, by fostering a well rounded community.
    Community building catalyses greater future impact through stronger member to member and member to community connections. We hold weekly social events to give way to friendships beyond the organization and facilitate larger events such as retreat and invite. Additionally, panels with other organizations, community members, and alumni continue to engage those not directly associated with the organization.
    Opportunities for both members and clients expand beyond their time with 180. For students, they are given the opportunity to learn about consulting, meet industry professionals through professional development sessions, and gain hands experience with consulting roles. Clients can utilize deliverables and supplemental material to aid their growth and reach through innovative solutions manufactured by members.

Our Impact in Numbers



Global Branch Awards



USC Marshall Awards




Client Partnerships



Grant Funding Secured

Our Awards & Nominations

USC Marshall School of Business 

Award for Faculty Advisor of the Year (2019)

Award for Best Collaborative Program (2019)

Diversity and Inclusion Award (2018)

Award Nomination for Most Improved Organization (2019)

Award Nomination for Community Impact (2019)

Award Nomination for Most Outstanding Marshall Recognized Student Organization (MRSO) (2018)

Award Nomination for Community Impact (2018)

Award Nomination for Faculty Advisor of the Year (2018)

180 Degrees Consulting Global Awards 

Global Consulting Award (Bronze) for Para Los Ninos consulting project

Global Consulting Award (Bronze) for With Love Market & Café consulting project

Global Consulting Award (Silver) for Dominguez Hills Flying Club consulting project

Global Award for Best Overall Branch 

Our Community

180DC is a tight-knit community of undergraduates united by ambition, passion, and hope. Cherishing our varied backgrounds, interests, and worldviews, we find strength in the diversity of our opinions and skill sets and are always there to celebrate each others’ success.

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