What We Offer

By becoming a consultant in our club, you will have the opportunity to create positive impact in your own backyard. You will learn how to think and solve problems like a consultant and acquire skills that are translatable to your field regardless of what industry you pursue. You'll also join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference.

What We Expect

The expected time commitment for new consultants is 6-8 hours. Once joining our club, you will be required, at minimum, to attend and contribute to weekly 2-hour team meetings for your project, complete assigned tasks by their designated deadlines, and be a part of an internal development committee. You will also be expected to attend organization-wide events, biweekly general meetings, and contribute dues to pay for organizational expenses, though we make exceptions for those who are financially unable.


What We Look For

We are looking for undergraduate students of all majors with a keen interest in social impact. Above all else, we look for commitment and dedication to our organization’s work and mission. That means a willingness to make our organization a priority. Our potential consultants are also team players with a knack for problem-solving


Frequently-asked Questions

What makes 180 Degrees Consulting different?

We work exclusively with nonprofits and social enterprises. We are also part of a network of 180 Degrees branches around the world, and sometimes we meet up with the UCLA branch! We also have a uniquely small and close-knit community.

Do I have to be a business major to apply?

We encourage all majors to apply. We are looking for people with diverse sets of skills and knowledge!

What is consulting?

Think of consulting like problem-solving for a certain client or organization. In our case, nonprofits and social enterprises!

Do I need to have previous experience with consulting?

No, many of our members didn’t have consulting experience before joining. There is a training period for all new members where you will learn the basics of consulting.

Can all classes apply?

Yes we encourage everyone to apply!

How many people do you accept every recruitment cycle?

Our recruitment process is selective, but we don’t usually have a specific quota. We accept who we feel would fit our club best.