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Fall 2023 Project Spotlight: Claire's Place

Learn about how our consultants strategized ways to effectively raise funds in order to support Claire’s Place’s operations and programs.

Problem Statement

How do we effectively raise the funds to support Claire’s Place’s operations and programs?

About Claire's Place

Claire’s Place is a leading nonprofit for the cystic fibrosis community that aims to support and uplift patients and their families through financial and mental support. Founded by the late Claire Wineland, the foundation hopes to instill inspiration to the greater community to live proudly.

Problem Description

Claire’s Place has faced a steady decline in revenue since 2020 due to a lack of direct donor engagement and loss of corporate sponsors. In turn, our team was tasked with strategizing ways to effectively raise the funds in order to support Claire’s Place’s operations and programs.

Project Agenda & Objectives


1. Identify comparable organizations to interview to analyze their unique financial and marketing strategy.

2. Use interview findings to conduct thorough financial and marketing analyses of each organization to compare to our internal analysis of Claire’s Place’s strategies.

3. We used these comparisons and analyses to calculate the health and impact of Claire’s Place to gauge feasibility of grants.

4. Identified best fit grants for the organization and proposed best practices for the application process.

5. To address the issue of donor engagement and decreased revenue, we are currently planning a pickleball tournament between USC and UCLA to raise funds for the foundation!

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