What we look for in Clients


1 | respect

Our consultants commit themselves to your organization's success and despite their age, deserve to be treated as such

2 | communication

Projects are time investments for both partners and we provide regular and reliable communication as much as we expect it

3 | transparency

Clients must be open to providing certain sensitive information including financial statements to our teams for the sake of the projects

4 | Fit

We can only take projects that we believe are truly impactful and completable within our timeline

5 | Proximity

Since we are based in Los Angeles, we expect our client engagements to involve our local community in some manner




At 180 Degrees Consulting, we are committed to helping your organization make an impactful difference in the communities and neighborhoods that you serve by designing creative, practical, and high quality solutions to your foremost issues.

Our consulting projects will take place throughout the course of one school semester, with the engagement process typically lasting 10-12 weeks. Fall semester projects begin in September, and spring projects start in February. Within this time-frame our consulting teams will work to define and narrow key business challenges, collect primary and secondary research, and develop practical recommendations for your organization.

All projects are staffed with teams of 4-5 consultants led by a seasoned project manager. In addition to weekly client update calls, our projects consist of five parts, explained in the diagram below.


Each of our projects aims to focus on one of these areas. Visit our Past Clients page to see what we've tackled so far.



Project Timeline